road food: eating well on tour

Dannielle Owens-Reid

We've been super dedicated to eating well while touring down the East Coast this winter and we're actually kind of killing it. We have a huge canvas bag full of snacks (detailed list below) and we pour over Yelp for long periods of time trying to find the best vegan / organic options. I'm doing most of the driving, so Julia is her very own, one-man housing / food research team. She starts on Yelp by searching "vegan," then "organic," then "natural," then "healthy." Once she gets to "healthy" we get a lot of suggestions for Subway and Chipotle. (She has offered, more than once, to sue for false advertisement!) Natural grocers have saved us on this tour. Most of them have tiny cafés attached that have solid vegan / GF options, so we can usually count on a sandwich, soup, or salad in one of these places. We have managed to avoid fast food completely and we've stayed in an AirBnB a few times, which gives us the option of using a kitchen. This way, if there is no good food to be found, we can go to the grocery store and grab some veggies. That's been hella helpful. 



Snack Bag
- Fancy Banana Ingredients
             (Bananas, Peanut Butter, Sunflower / Flax / Chia Seeds, Honey)
- Almond Milk
- Lara Bars
- Fig Cookies
- Dates
- Dried Figs
- Dried Apricots
- Dried Mango
- Granola
- Clementines
- Salt & Pepper Pistachios
- Mesquite Smoked Almonds
- Thai Chilli Lime Almonds
- Plantain Chips
- Garden of Eatin' Multigrain Everything Chips
- Fruit Leathers
- Squeezy Apple Sauce Packs
- Primal Strips
- Liz Lovely Cookies
- Trail mix - almonds, peanuts, raisins, chocolate

A typical day on tour looks like this: 

9am: Fancy Banana & Coffee with Almond Milk
11am: Lara Bar, Fruit Leather
1pm: Mesquite Almonds, Salt & Pepper Pistachios
2pm: Primal Strip, Plantain Chips
3:30pm: Everything Chips, Squeezy Apple Sauce
5pm: Either huge plate of veggies at a restaurant, or huge plate of veggies cooked by Julia (<3<3)
10:30pm: Post-Show snack fest -- Apricots & Granola, Dates, Fig Cookies, Dried Mango


Each day varies a bit but, basically, I like to snack all day long. If I snack all day, I'm never hungry. I don't like to feel hungry and I don't like having low energy. I also don't like feeling overly stuffed, which tends to happen if I only eat three meals a day. I'll be so hungry by the time I get food, that I end up eating so much and feeling so stuffed and tired. And that is not a dope way to feel right before playing a show and gabbing with 50 people. We've also been taking vitamin C, elderberry syrup, nettle leaf, and turmeric all along the way. No one here is trying to get sick when we're running so hard. This trip is, by far, the best I've felt on any tour I've ever been on. It can be so hard to feel good and eat well when you have no idea where you are or what's around you, but it feels so great to have figured it out this time around.