Dan / Dannielle Owens-Reid

About Radimo

Radimo is a gender-fluid clothing marketplace and inclusion consulting agency dedicated to challenging the traditional standards of fashion and shopping.  

Radimo gives you the ability to directly support marginalized individuals by shopping products designed, customized, and handmade by queer, trans, black, POC, plus size, women, and disabled small business owners.

Radimo consistently challenges industry standards by showcasing all products on a range of models with different body types, skin tones, and gender identities. 

Most options we are given for gender-neutral, LGBTQ, or androgynous fashion are too pricey for your average genderqueer 20-something. We believe in accessibility and affordability. 

We believe we’re limited in what’s available because it’s not presented to us in a way that feels accessible. Clothing is inherently gender neutral; we are all just waiting for someone to show it to us in that way.

Feeling confident in your presentation can immediately uplift you and change the way you walk through the world. We all deserve to feel our best. When you feel good about what you wear, you become your best you. Radimo is here to help.

To read more about bringing us in to consult with your brand, corporation, influencer, or writer’s room, head to our consulting page.

About Dan / Dannielle Owens-Reid

Dan Owens is a talent manager and inclusivity consultant based out of Los Angeles. In 2010, Dan created the blog "Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber" which miraculously led to their running social media for Virgin Mobile on tour with Lady Gaga and co-founding the LGBTQ youth organization, Everyone is Gay. Their book "This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids" was released by Chronicle Books in 2015. Since 2011, Dan has spoken at over 150 universities in the US and Canada, led business/staff training, faculty/admin training, and student led organizational consulting. Dan has a history working with artists, creatives, and big brands to handle social media consulting, brand messaging, media training, and overall brand expansion. Dan Owens MGMT is a talent company focused on managing creatives who are working toward active change in queer and trans spaces, mental health, and racial justice.

For more about Dan and his MGMT company - head to DanOwensMGMT.com