Radimo is a collective of humans working to live their best lives. We are seeking happiness, health and challenging what we were taught about how you're supposed to live. We're just starting to examine what we buy, what we put into our bodies, and the people and circumstances with which we surround ourselves. 

This is just the beginning for a lot of us but the moves we've made so far have drastically improved our lives. We all have a different story to share, some of us have cured our own ailments or survived abuse. Some of us want to teach you how to trim your own hair.

Our mission is to inspire people to make choices that will make their lives better. We'll be sharing our triumphs and tribulations and what we learn along the way. Ask us questions HERE and stay tuned for the unisex clothing line we'll be launching later this year. To follow that story and support the effort, CLICK HERE.